Saturday, July 19, 2014

Winning wars, losing humanity.

Bertrand Russell once said, "war does not determine who is right, only who is left."

I chose to write about War today because this is what we see every day; in one form or another. We are so used to getting along with our lives and trying to live the lives we dream of, that most of us don't even stop to consider the impact that the current scenario is having on us, or that it will have on the generations to come.

The changes in the world are gradual and our minds get habituated with the situations. For example, I don't like reading the news because all I see is news about death or destruction; I read it to keep up, but usually end up feeling bad inside about the way things are. Am I in a position to do anything about it? I'm caring about it and blogging about it, but I'm not sure if I can do anything else.

There are always two sets of stories in wars, and in either region, the other is wrong. How do we decide as to who is right and who is wrong? Our beliefs are subjective - but, when such individuals govern, they become policies of regions.

In our era of capitalism and greed, basic existence of *normal* humans is often difficult. Capitalistic economies, a.k.a. countries, impose conditions on others, for their benefit. I don't dispute this. The only question that has been on my mind - what does a child do in order to deserve death in the hands of whoever is fighting the war? A child who hasn't even learned to form opinions yet. A child who only cares about learning and smiling and being happy. How can we justify the deaths of millions of children everyday? No wonder the world is turning out to be a hateful and vengeful place.

You know, war doesn't even need to be full fledged conflict between countries. I mean, look in our streets. Look in our own homes. Look within. There is always conflict, but war / fight isn't the only way. We might not even have the time or the courage or the patience to consider all options and make informed decisions, do we?

I don't mind this article being full of questions - because we all have these questions. Who answers them? I mean, can we even look ourselves in the mirror and justify whatever is happening in the world today?

It is easier to blame the system - the countries - the policies - religion - and whatever else. In the end, we are all a part of the system; directly or indirectly. We are all equally responsible. Perhaps some for our actions and some for our inaction.

Only a faint hope remains, I sincerely hope in all of us, that things will change for the better. Soon.

The only thing wars and conflict guarantees is loss of lives. Nothing else. We may end up winning a war, wherever we are and whatever kind of war it might be. But, we lose a bit of humanity with it.

To all those who have lost loved ones in meaningless acts of war, I hope you find peace with your loss.
I sincerely hope that the world heals. Soon.