Sunday, August 3, 2014

Smiles all around.

I was walking on the street, and I happened to watch a young couple with their baby, getting out of their car, on to the sidewalk. I slowed down to give them some space to stand, and began to walk around them, as the couple were facing their car. Their baby was facing me as they held her. The baby smiled, randomly. I happened to look at the baby at the exact moment, and I have to tell you it was one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen.

This, a few hours after watching this TED video, about smiles:
(If you have trouble watching the embedded video, please click this link, or copy and paste the link in your browser's address bar:

The whole interaction took less than 10 seconds, but it brought a smile on my face as I walked away, and it was as though I couldn't stop smiling for the journey home. Reminded me of another interaction with a dog a few days ago, where I had felt that the dog was smiling. It almost had that same muscular movement that we humans characterize as smile and it was wagging its tail. Also reminded me of all the spontaneous smiles that we spot around the world - when you see someone you like and aren't expecting to see at that moment, when you see others laughing, when you see celebration, when you're satisfied. Just goes to show that smiles are contagious.

Makes me wonder if the enthusiasm of a dog or the excitement / wonder of a baby is something we embody, we will return to our true, happy, smiling selves. Food for thought.

Enjoy your day. May happiness and smiles forever be with you.