Sunday, October 5, 2014


I'm writing about illusions here not as the normal spiritual / philosophical reference as which people generally use them. Over the past few days I've been trying to understand some of my choices and have been getting a glimpse of how my mind had chosen to consider / choose only what seemed convenient. 

Illusions. We live in them. We create them in order to survive. We find solace in them. They make our perceived reality a convenience to live in and also what makes the true reality unbearable to deal with.

When I was trying to understand my choices, I went back in time (in my mind, of course) to when I made them; the choices, I mean. It occurs to me that along with my choice, to drown the negative repercussions and any undesired reactions, my mind had chosen to understand the prevailing circumstances and my choice in such a way that it was very much in contrary with the reality. When I started to dig deeper, each situation resulting from the choice in question became much clearer, and now I was able to appreciate the entire picture.

There is so much the conscious mind can do. We make so many choice in our daily life. Imagine how many such illusions we create along with a subset of these choices.

In the movie, Matrix Reloaded, the Oracle tells Neo, "You've already made the choice. Now you're just trying to understand it." Our attempt to justify our choices are mere attempts at understanding them; for, we try to accommodate and justify our choice to better suit our daily social commitments, and sometimes based on our perceived perceptions of the world about our actions.

Our ability to understand our choices only give us a better understanding of our decision making process. It is this ability that helps us make better informed decisions. This gives us the ability to carve out that extra fraction of a second when making decisions, thereby helping in better decision making.

The way to accomplish this is to observe. Relentlessly. Observe our own selves and people around. An understanding of choices, decisions, actions, expressions help us understand ourselves better. Perhaps this is the way to enter reality, from illusions.