Monday, December 10, 2012


There are topics that we all have opinions about. Destiny is one of them. There are some among us who feel that everything, including the tiniest of aspects, are decided by destiny; while there are some who believe the concept of destiny is hokum. So, which one is it?

It is true, albeit strange, that if two people go down the exact same path in life, their experiences would be different. Could this be because of destiny? Some could argue so. But, if we look a little deeper, we understand that we deal with every situation to the best extent we are capable of, based on our learning from past events. This means that knowledge from our past decides how we deal with experiences in the present and the future.

So, is there no such thing as destiny? I'm not sure how to answer that question. I'm not sure that I'm equipped to answer that question at this point of time. Perhaps sometime in the future...

It is true that no matter how identical we are in our thoughts, we all still are unique human beings and we all still have a different set of neurons fired up in our brains that function differently from all others. Whether we actually recognize it or not, our brains would have learnt something from each and everything we have lived through and watched around us. This would mean that the cause for everything we go through in our lives is, well, us. That's right - we are responsible for everything that happens to us, with some help from those around us.

Does this mean that we are desperate to brand something as destiny's child when we run out of excuses / reason? Perhaps; perhaps not.

It is true that we to look elsewhere when we try to find reason for things we go through. If we look deeper, we understand that we have answers within ourselves. We must have the courage to face the fact that the reason could be us.

Here's a cliche - we were all meant to live in this way, experience all those things that we did, meet all those people we did, and make exactly the same decisions that we have. I say this too. But, that doesn't stop me from asking questions. It should not stop any of us.

It is absolutely true that each person we cross our paths with teaches us something, that with each decision we learn something, and that we all are, irrespective of who we are and what we are doing, inherently looking for a bigger meaning to life. A bigger answer to life. A grand finale if you will. When we don't have answers, we will blame destiny. We live with the hope that destiny has something good in store for us for the future.

Hope is inherent to us as well. In many cases, hope drives life. Most of our life is spent in clinging on to the hope that destiny has something good in store for us in the future. Well, the terms good and bad are our creation - we gave birth to duality by doing so. If we accept something for what it is, rather than branding it as good or bad, we learn to understand that everything just is. It's not something good or bad. That's when we begin to appreciate everything in life. That's when we realize that we are inherently happy, and that we don't need external sources for happiness. That's when we truly understand that life is indeed beautiful; and it doesn't matter whether we have something called destiny or not.

I didn't answer the question about destiny, but, my objective was to get you thinking. I hope I succeeded in that.

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